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We handle complex tax investigations on behalf of the firm and have a very high success-rate in negotiating settlements with representatives of HM Revenue & Customs. A Revenue investigation can be a daunting prospect for a tax-payer but our experience mean we are able to assess the reason for HM Revenue’s concerns and explain the expected procedures in advance of the action being taken. We will attend meetings with Revenue & Customs, prepare clients’ responses to Revenue’s enquiries and guide the enquiry to a satisfactory conclusion.

A client received a worldwide disclosure enquiry, we onboarded the client and the initial re-assurance to make a full disclosure of the facts. Once we had a true picture of the client’s tax affairs, we worked with the Inspector to arrive at a contract settlement.

We were appointed by a charity to perform a forensic audit of funds which were taken out of the charity. Our report successfully identified not only the recipient of funds but weaknesses in the system that led to the misuse of funds. Our report was later used the by the Charity Commission.
We are seeing an increase in enquiries following HMRC let campaigns, many people have become accidental landlords and consequently have not taken the full responsibility of ensuring income is declared. We work with clients and HMRC to arrive at a satisfactory resolution.

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