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Accountants Across the UK Unite in Demanding Better HMRC Services


Currently, the ACCA is carrying out research into the service standards provided by HMRC with the feedback coming from UK accountants who are requesting essential improvements in HMRC services. A survey of 207 ACCA’s members showed difficulties for accounting professionals when working with HMRC. This blog highlights the main results from the survey and their implications to financial advisers, tax professionals and accountants in London.

Highlights of the Survey

Over 90% of those who took part in ACCA said that HMRC should hurry up and improve some crucial things. Accounting profession has raised different concerns, where HMRC service level is affecting company production rate by 52%.

Reduced Call Waiting Times

Accountants are one of the groups that make high profile claims and demand shorter waiting times in their requests to HMRC. People have lamented over the extended periods of time that it has taken to resolve different issues relating to taxes. The issue is specific to financial advisers and tax advisors, whose quick response is crucial for them to provide good services to their clients.

Enhanced Call Handling Systems

The respondents in the survey pointed out the importance of better system used to handle calls like queue details and calling back the calls when one is attending a meeting or a patient consultation. Communication is important and efficient systems are needed to make it smoother since it affects the finance professionals of London and not only.

Improved Communications

The responses indicate that better modes of effective communication should be employed especially emails. Financial advisors and tax advisors require communicative channels that provide timely information, allowing them to address issues adequately.

The Role of Financial and Tax Advisors

Tax advisers and financial advisers guide people and companies through taxation complications. These professionals lead in the management of impact on their clients in line with increasing demands for improved HMRC practices. In this regard, the keywords “Financial Advisor London” and “Tax Advisor London” become critical as customers look for skills to help them handle the changing tax regime.

Capital Gains Tax Relief and Tax-Free Investments

Despite these hurdles, however, financial advisors look into tax breaks like capital gains tax waivers and tax-free investment strategies to maximize profits for their customers. In such an environment these avenues become more significant since taxes have to be collected efficiently.


ACCA survey reveals that UK accountants are calling for HMRC improvements within today’s environment where collaboration between financial specialists and tax authorities is fundamental. With increased competition on a global scale, financial advisors, tax advisors and accountancy service providers will have to remain vigilant of current issues and stay ahead of all developments. This can occur on numerous levels – whether you are a freelance accountant searching for better HMRC services or an adaptation from a London private wealth advisor reacting to changes in the market, there needs to be collective support to make better service possible.
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